What is Good Shift?

Good Shift is a connected server training management tool that helps protect your business from potential losses due to liability. With the help of Good Shift, you can concentrate on managing your business instead of managing training.

For your employees, Good Shift is an engaging online program that teaches your staff how to serve alcohol responsibly. Good Shift will give your employees the skills and knowledge to positively influence their guests’ behavior to ensure the safety of guests and the community, as well as protect you and your establishment from potential liability issues.

Why does my business need Good Shift?

As a bar or restaurant owner, Good Shift will help you increase the safety of all residents in your community by reducing the number of intoxicated people on the roadways and reducing incidents of underage drinking. In addition, implementing Good Shift at your establishment will help protect your business from potential losses due to liability.

What can my employees expect from the program?

The goal of Good Shift is to ensure that your staff learns to serve alcohol responsibly. The curriculum is divided into several short lessons: Valid IDs, Alcohol & Intoxication, Interventions and Laws & Penalties. Each section is followed by a series of questions to test servers’ comprehension of the subject matter. Once an employee has successfully completed all of the lessons, Good Shift will automatically send you a notification of their certification.

Why is ongoing enrichment necessary?

Instead of using the industry standard “one-and-done” training, Good Shift’s ongoing enrichment component makes a lasting positive impact on servers and their guests. That’s because learning doesn’t stop when certification is awarded. Through regularly scheduled texts and emails, Good Shift provides additional learning opportunities for your servers in the form of pop quizzes, timely tips and additional updates about pertinent laws.

How much does Good Shift cost?

Good Shift is quite affordable, especially when you consider the time it saves you by managing the training process. We offer a tiered pricing program so you pay for only the employees you need to train. And our exclusive, ongoing enrichment curriculum is included.

To make it simple, we’ll bill you automatically each month. All you have to do is renew your membership once a year.

How long does it take to become certified?

Employees may use smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers to work through Good Shift’s online lessons at their own pace. Some may finish in an hour or two while others may take a few days. If servers aren’t able to complete their training within five days of sign-up, a friendly notice will be sent to the employee and their manager to prompt them to continue.

How often do employees need to renew their certification?

Each server’s certification is valid for as long as your business account is in good standing with Good Shift.

How do I start?

Good choice! Now that you’re ready to join Good Shift you’ll need a credit card and a list of your employees names and email addresses. Then, click the “Join Now” button at the top of the page. (See? We told you it would be simple.)